Your dangerous goods are safe with us

Commodities like paints, thinners, oils, pool chemicals, cleaning products, fireworks, batteries and many raw materials have a special rate classification termed hazardous or dangerous goods. You need ongoing training and certification to transport and handle these commodities…. GTL has it!

Because of the tightening rules governing hazardous goods transport, prompted by 9/11, many carriers moved away from hauling these commodities. It actually represents 15-20% of our activity both in our domestic and cross border activities. Our team has the proper knowledge and training to transport these commodities throughout our Canada and USA service area, without delay or difficulty.

Hazardous goods travel separate and apart from other freight commodities

Our dry vans that are dedicated to hazardous goods only haul commodities within this classification or industrial products that cannot be contaminated in any fashion from previous loads. They are marked with special placards that identify the commodities being transported and a checklist of procedures are followed in accordance with being a certified Hazmat carrier. Need more information? Contact one of our team members today at 1-800-565-9376.

“You need ongoing training and certification to transport these commodities... GTL has it!”

Hazardound goods transportation